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I spent a long time being what I thought other people wanted and expected me to be, you can pigeon hole yourself so easily. Now, after much reading, writing and soul searching, I finally feel as though I am comfortable in my own skin.

When you have your own individual and personalised measures of success, you can decide for yourself what and who you are impressed by.

So much of what we think makes a successful life is made up of other people’s ideas and expectations. …

It’s Also The Perfect Excuse When I Fall Off My Unicorn

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It feels a bit counter-intuitive to be talking about being consistent in the same headspace as trying to make a lot of small changes in your life. How can you be consistent if you’re going through a radical re-vamp?

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently” — Anthony Robbins

At the moment I feel like the only thing that I am consistent about is not maintaining all the small changes I set out to.

The really stupid thing…

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There’s something really powerful about not giving a f**k about what anyone else thinks about you. I used to care a lot about what people thought when I walked into a room. Now I really don’t give a shit. It’s not that I don’t care about anyone else’s feelings, far from it. I just don’t care if people judge me. And it’s liberating.

And I think this is one of the great things of growing older and into your own skin more. What was difficult to do when you were young because you just wanted to fit in, becomes somehow…

With the Knowledge That Things Always Get Better

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I struggled on my daily walk today, for some reason when you get to be a lady of a certain age everything starts to stop working like it used to. Everything takes ten times longer to heal, including hangovers. Parts of your body hurt for no apparent reason and when you can’t find your car keys it turns out they are in the fridge. Like what’s that all about?

A completely different topic, that’s what, (f**k you menopause)…anyway, I struggled because my right hip has randomly decided to belong to another person…

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I have always loved motivational quotes; they can help to inspire you when you’re having a hard day; they can reaffirm things when you’re having a good one; they can make you think. And sometimes they can stop you in your tracks. Like the following quote did to me today…

“Time is not refundable. Use it with intention.” Author Unknown

It literally made a shiver run down my spine. For a moment, I was filled with doubt and a bit of indecision.

Am I doing the right thing with my life?

Am I prioritising the right things?

Have I got…

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Yesterday I watched my cat sitting in the most awkward possible position imaginable just because it was a little bit familiar. You see I’d moved the furniture around in my bedroom and she really doesn’t like change much, even less than I do in fact. “Her” chair was temporarily covered in things I was moving from one place to another and rather than just move and sit on the bed she made herself “comfortable” on top of a bag, a flask and a pile of books.

Like my cat, things change underneath us and we cling to the familiar when…

Plan More Adventures and Unleash Your Curiosity

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Friday nights are special. Well, to be fair maybe not if you have to work. But then you’ll have an equivalent night you can pick. It’s the feeling of a Friday that’s special not the actual day itself. Knowing you’ve got a couple of days to do whatever you want is a really freeing feeling. Especially if you’ve got nothing planned. Or maybe, if you actually have something planned. Either can be good. I guess it depends on what you have planned right?

I have to admit I am not that bothered at…

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Some days it can be harder to find your inner strength than others. Life is always throwing us curve balls and testing our resolve and determination to see things through by giving us obstacles to overcome. It’s how you deal with all the shit that you get thrown your way that’s important.

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Possessing inner strength isn’t just something reserved for super successful people, being emotionally strong isn’t about being cold and uncaring and…

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Well over a year ago, I wrote about how making smaller changes might work better as a personal growth strategy than trying to make drastic changes overnight.

I’d recognised in myself that in the past making big changes quickly hasn’t always seen the best outcomes for me. I’d often quickly lose motivation when life got in the way and I’d slide back into old behaviours and habits.

Instead of traditional New Year’s resolutions I planned to implement a series of 365 small habitual changes that would gradually push me nearer to my goals.

The idea being that if I could…

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I’m not sure exactly how it’s happened that I got to a point in my life when sleeping a bit awkwardly would leave me with a sore neck for over 6 weeks and require a trip to the physiotherapist. But quite frankly, “cheers again Mother Nature”.

So given that I’m obviously no longer the spring chicken I once was, and my Tik Tok “hot girl walk” is way more of a “hot woman (more likely to be having a flush) walk” these days, I took the opportunity to chat with my physio to ask the best ways to maintain or…

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